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West Coast designer Cosimo Pizzulli believes that much of the fatigue that accompanies the eight-hour office day can be eliminated by the use of ambient- and task-lighting instead of the standard ceiling-mounted type. A couple of years ago, his Santa Monica firm, Pizzulli Associates, designed the West Coast head-quarters of Sony Music using this principle. His second convert is another industry giant, BMG Entertainment. BMG's West Coast headquarters, located in Beverly Hills, Calif., is an 80,000-sq-ft facilityte offices. The rest of the office space is lit by a combination of wall sconces, spots, light boxes, and bars. Every workstation, for example, is equipped with an 8-ft light box, each containing eight, 4-ft T8 lamps, so that the worker can control the level of light he or she needs. “Not only does this cause less eye-strain for the worker, using ambient lights means saving on the construction costs of overhead lighting,” says the ethusiastic Pizzulli.
Architectural Record Lighting — February 1996